Which do photon rejuvenation and RF do first? How about two kinds of rejuvenation?

Generally, you can do photon rejuvenation to improve the skin, and then remove the wrinkles on the skin by RF. Photon rejuvenation uses strong pulsed light to irradiate the skin surface, which can decompose the pigment particles in the deep layer of the skin. The decomposed pigment particles will be discharged out of the body with metabolism to improve the skin color. After the skin is completely recovered, RF can be carried out. The two operation methods should not be carried out at the same time as far as possible to avoid greater damage to the skin.

Wrinkles will appear on the skin after aging, which can be improved by RF. The heat emitted by RF instrument is used to irradiate the skin surface, which can activate the damaged tissue cells under the skin, restore the elasticity of the skin, remove wrinkles and restore the skin to a tight state.

Radiofrequency cosmetology is a minimally invasive method, which will not cause too much damage to the skin surface. There is usually a short-term swelling. Good skin care can be alleviated in about a week, or cold compress with an ice bag within 48 hours, which can reduce the swelling.