What skin type is IPL hair removal suitable for

Our life is getting better and better. That’s why so many of us pay more and more attention to our skin. Skin is more important than a good face. An elegant and intellectual woman cannot live without pure, transparent, tender and white flawless skin. However, due to the environment and living habits, it is difficult to have good skin.

What skin type is IPL hair removal suitable for

Photon rejuvenation is suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is not suitable for this kind of care with certain damage because of its fragile and sensitive skin and imperfect skin barrier function. After photon rejuvenation, oily skin can regulate sebaceous glands and reduce skin oil secretion. After photon rejuvenation for dry skin, after a period of recovery, due to the increase of skin collagen, the water locking ability of the skin will also be enhanced.

Indications for photon rejuvenation

  1. There are some pigmented spots on the face, whether sunlight or freckles. Usually, these spots give you the feeling of a “dirty face”. Although they are often covered with powder, they can’t be covered.
  2. The face began to appear relaxation, small wrinkles and senile skin changes.
  3. If you want to change the texture of the skin, you want the skin to be more elastic and smooth
  4. Rough facial skin, enlarged pores, acne marks, facial telangiectasia.

How long is the recovery time of photon rejuvenation

Recovery time is also related to your skin. If your skin condition is better, the recovery time will be relatively shortened. Generally, you can recover after a week’s work after photon rejuvenation. After Photorejuvenation, some people may experience redness, pain and exudation of tissue fluid. After a period of time, the original wound may scab. Generally, it will fall off completely in 5-7 days, and the scab will fall off naturally. Do not pick the scab with your hand at will to avoid leaving scars and pigmentation. And will feel dry and itchy after a period of time. But do not scratch with your hands at this time, because it may cause infection.

How long can I go to work after photon rejuvenation

Photon rejuvenation is treated for many times. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes each time. After completion, the skin will be white, red and crystal clear. You can leave the hospital. You can go to work when you leave the hospital, which will not affect your daily work and life.

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