What is the efficacy and role of photorejuvenation?

Photon rejuvenation is a laser treatment device that was first used in the treatment of cosmetic skin. It mainly uses intense pulsed light to hit the skin to remove spots, blacks, and some blood vessels, that is, to improve the dilation of the blood vessels. It can also reduce the pores, make the skin smoother and more tender, improve the skin’s beauty and improve the aging state of the skin, so it mainly uses a spectrum, generally the earliest machine is from 400nm-1200nm. Nowadays, many new types of machines are improved, and some of the bands are mainly for the treatment of vascular diseases. The coefficient peaks of the machine are selected from several bands, and some select one segment, and some select two segments. Now photons are very diverse, and different laser instruments are selected for different problems, so photonic skin rejuvenation is a particularly widely used laser instrument.
People will have some skin problems as they age, such as spots, telangiectasia, increased skin wrinkles, and enlarged pores. Photorejuvenation has a good effect on these. Of course, each instrument, the accuracy of domestic and imported products, as well as the operation of professionals and the setting of parameters, are very knowledgeable according to each person’s situation, so this kind of professional treatment should be carried out by professional doctors. the most appropriate treatment.https://www.berlin-metropole.com/