What is photorejuvenation?

Photorejuvenation is a technology with cosmetic treatment developed in the past 10 years. It can be said to be the twin brother of hair removal. During our hair removal process, we found that after repeated hair removal treatments, the skin in the hair removal area becomes relatively smooth and beautiful. Of course, the first discovery of this interesting phenomenon was by dermatological laser doctors in the United States. They were surprised to find that when the facial hair was removed, the skin became significantly younger. Of course, not all doctors are interested in this. Among them was a well-known skin laser treatment doctor in San Francisco named Bit, who was very interested in this phenomenon and did a lot of research.

It was found that the phenomenon of skin rejuvenation after hair removal treatment is not an accidental phenomenon, but that the skin structure really looks younger due to the qualitative change of laser irradiation, and found that laser is not the most ideal light source, Strong light is the most suitable light source. Therefore, a method of using pulsed intense light to treat skin photoaging was invented and born. After about 5 times of irradiation, the skin structure was significantly changed: the skin’s elasticity was enhanced and no longer slack, and the skin’s pigment spots disappeared. , and the small wrinkles began to fade. The combined result is youthful and beautiful skin. So, when this treatment started, it was immediately favored by Hollywood movie stars, who flew from Los Angeles to Dr. Beat’s clinic in San Francisco to receive this miraculous treatment. Of course, they also gave this treatment a very interesting name: photo rejuvenation, which means that light rejuvenates the skin. Of course, this word was later translated as photorejuvenation. After that, under the commercial packaging and copying, especially in recent years, IPL has given too much unrealistic content.

In a word, photorejuvenation is actually a cosmetic treatment of the skin with intensive pulse light (IPL). Wrinkles, improve facial telangiectasia, improve facial pores and rough skin, also improve yellow skin color, etc.