What does photorejuvenation do?

At present, with the continuous development of medical beauty technology, many women will delay skin aging through medical beauty methods. Among them, photorejuvenation is a common one. When most people mention photorejuvenation, they think that it can make the skin delicate, but I don’t know that photorejuvenation has other effects besides making the skin delicate. Before doing photorejuvenation, you can learn about the following.

What does photorejuvenation do?

Photorejuvenation mainly uses intense pulsed light with a specific spectrum of energy to penetrate the deep layers of the skin, thereby producing a photothermal effect, which destroys the pigment cells under the skin, as well as oxygen and hemoglobin, without damaging the normal skin. In addition, the photothermal effect of photorejuvenation can stimulate the skin, and the regeneration and arrangement of collagen has a great effect on fine wrinkles and pores.

And the latest scientific research shows that photorejuvenation has a strong effect on the treatment of photoaging, and the treatment effect is cumulative and superimposed, that is to say, periodic photorejuvenation for a long time can promote the skin’s continuous self-renewal and delay senescence.

What should I pay attention to after photorejuvenation?

Although photorejuvenation has excellent therapeutic effects, it has a strong effect on skin collagen and aging Take ice packs for relief.

Who is not suitable for photorejuvenation?

  1. Severe physical and mental illness

If the immune function of the body is reduced or there are serious physical and mental diseases, such as immune system diseases, liver and kidney insufficiency, heart problems, etc., photorejuvenation cannot be performed to avoid accidents during the operation.

  1. Those who have been exposed to the sun before surgery

People who have been exposed to sunlight within two weeks before surgery should be careful not to do photorejuvenation, because after receiving sunlight, there will be a certain amount of light and heat under the skin, and photorejuvenation will burn the skin.

  1. People who cannot take care of themselves after surgery

Due to the need for sun protection after surgery to prevent the direct exposure of light to the skin, the effect of photorejuvenation will be worsened.

How long does photorejuvenation last?

Generally speaking, if the photoaging skin that has been formed needs to be treated, it can be done at an interval of one month. After a good treatment effect is obtained, maintenance treatment can be done, but the total number of maintenance treatments should not be too intensive, about three times a year. That’s it.

In general, photorejuvenation has been favored by many women at present. It can not only delay skin aging but also improve skin sensitivity. It is also used as a treatment method for a variety of problematic skin. However, women should know that after photorejuvenation care To do well, in order to improve the effect of photorejuvenation, to avoid the effect of worse.