What are the side effects of photorejuvenation?

There are few side effects and it is very safe, which is a very big advantage of photorejuvenation treatment. But like any treatment, the treatment itself has two sides. Photons are a very good treatment for pigmented skin diseases on the one hand, but they also have the potential risk of causing skin pigmentation changes. In addition, there are very large differences between individuals. A small number of people may have hyperpigmentation spots, and very few people may have acne-like rashes and blisters. Therefore, treatment should be carried out in a regular hospital, and abuse is not allowed. It is irresponsible to say that photorejuvenation is absolutely safe, exaggerating the curative effect, and even treating it in a beauty salon, and it should be corrected.

No special skin care is required after treatment, but it is recommended to use skin care products under the guidance of a doctor, including stopping the use of all functional cosmetics (including various anti-spot creams, anti-wrinkle creams, etc.), and prohibiting the use of various chemical peeling treatments (also known as peeling treatment), no skin scrubbing and the use of scrubbing cleansers, etc. The use of sunscreen and sunscreen is important because pigment spots and various photoaging causes are sun exposure. Of course the application of a skin moisturizer is also required.