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Who is suitable for photon therapy?

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In general, the following four types of people are more suitable for photorejuvenation treatment: The first group of people: some pigmented spots on the face, whether it is solar or freckles, usually these spots give you the feeling of a…

What is photorejuvenation?


Photorejuvenation is a technology with cosmetic treatment developed in the past 10 years. It can be said to be the twin brother of hair removal. During our hair removal process, we found that after repeated hair removal treatments, the skin…

What does photorejuvenation do?

Jordishape Slimming Machine

At present, with the continuous development of medical beauty technology, many women will delay skin aging through medical beauty methods. Among them, photorejuvenation is a common one. When most people mention photorejuvenation, they think that it can make the skin…