Is laser depilation painful?

There are a large number of sensory nerves around each hair follicle. If the ipl laser hair removal side effects receives enough laser energy, the body will feel a certain degree of pain. Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of effective treatment, there will be some pain. In other words, pain generally means that the treatment is effective. If it doesn’t hurt at all, it means that the laser energy is not enough and needs to be readjusted. Therefore, during treatment, tell the doctor the feeling of treatment, which is conducive to the doctor to determine and set various laser treatment parameters according to your specific situation, so as to obtain satisfactory treatment effect. But don’t be nervous. The pain is completely tolerable. It’s a little like a small acupuncture. It’s very interesting.

How long does laser hair removal treatment take?

Laser hair removal is very convenient and fast, which is one of the obvious advantages of laser hair removal treatment. The length of treatment depends on the area of hair removal. For example, it takes only 15 minutes to remove axillary hair.

What factors are related to the therapeutic effect of laser hair removal?

The first is the individual differences of patients

Different people have different hair growth ability. In addition, there are obvious differences in skin color and hair color, and the treatment effect will be different. The reactivity of hair follicles in different parts to laser treatment will also be different. For example, it is more difficult to remove facial hair than axillary hair. Moreover, the thickness of hair also has a great impact on the treatment effect.

The second is equipment

Different treatment equipment also has some differences in the safety of treatment. Good laser equipment is sensitive and accurate in frequency modulation and positioning. It can burn hair follicles completely during treatment, while poor equipment may not have so strong effect and the efficiency of hair removal may not be so high.

Thirdly, the experience level of doctors

Experienced and skilled doctors have stronger ability to operate the machine, can accurately grasp the indications and contraindications of treatment, and can timely adjust the treatment and solve or avoid other possible problems.

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