IPL skin beautifying operation principle?

Therapeutic principle

  1. Clean the skin.
  2. apply cold gel.
  3. Set intensity parameters.
  4. apply moisturizing facial mask.

IPL Beauty benefits:

  1. Quick effect, high curative effect and safe treatment.
  2. It can simultaneously treat color spots, acne, acne marks, dark complexion, rough skin, large pores, red blood and other problems.
  3. No downtime (recovery period), lunch beauty.

Disadvantages and risks of IPL skin beautification:

  1. Compared with DPL and opt, it has weak effect, slow effect and needs more treatment.
  2. Improper skin care, short effect maintenance time.
  3. Improper operation may cause scald.

IPL skin beautifying preoperative brocade bag:

  1. For those who use topical retinoic acid ointment or freckle removing products, it is recommended to stop the treatment for 1 week.
  2. Beauty projects such as laser, skin grinding and fruit acid skin change cannot be done within 2 weeks before treatment.
  3. Avoid strong sunlight or outdoor spa within one month before treatment.
  4. Inflamed and purulent skin is not suitable for treatment.
  5. For those who take retinoic acid orally, it is recommended to stop the drug for 3 months before starting the treatment.
  6. If you have a history of light sensitivity, skin lesions and abnormal immune system, you need to communicate with the doctor.

IPL Beauty Bag:

  1. after treatment, the skin should be dry. Adhere to moisturizing mask, repair mask or EGF epidermal growth factor (repair peptide).
  2. Sunscreen shall be strictly applied within 1 month after treatment.
  3. daily needs mild cleansing, no use of scrub and cleansing products and soap foam cleansing cream.
  4. The treatment course should follow the doctor’s advice, usually at an interval of 3-4 weeks.

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