How often do you do photon rejuvenation freckle removal? How long is the photon rejuvenation freckle treatment course?

It usually takes five months for the skin rejuvenation treatment, usually once a month.

Photon rejuvenation mainly has the functions of whitening, lightening spots and unifying skin color. It can also effectively shrink pores and eliminate small wrinkles on the skin, so as to improve skin aging. Photon rejuvenation mainly acts on the epidermis and cortex of the skin through strong pulsed light, promotes collagen fibrosis in the skin, makes elastic fibers proliferate, makes the skin smooth and elastic, and can effectively reduce wrinkles and folds. In addition, due to the photothermal effect of strong pulsed light, it can also effectively destroy and decompose the pigment in the skin. Therefore, when the pigment is destroyed, it can be discharged out of the body with the metabolism of the body, so as to achieve the effect of whitening and melanin removal. The whitening effect of photorejuvenation is very obvious, but it needs to be carried out regularly, usually once a month.

Therefore, it is recommended to select relevant professional and formal institutions for Photorejuvenation, which is transparent and reasonable in price, and can also provide complete postoperative nursing services to promote postoperative recovery.