How often can photon rejuvenation be done? How about the recovery period of photon rejuvenation?

Photon rejuvenation is usually done once a month. Doing photon rejuvenation can improve a variety of skin problems. The skin has swelling in a short time. If you want to do the second photon rejuvenation, you need to wait until the skin is completely recovered. During the skin recovery period, you can eat more light fruits and vegetables and supplement the skin with trace elements, which can promote wound healing and effectively shorten the skin recovery period.

If you do not do a good job in skin sunscreen at ordinary times, melanin precipitation may appear on the skin, which will affect the appearance and image of the skin. It can be improved by photon rejuvenation. Photon rejuvenation uses the color light spectrum emitted by the instrument to irradiate the skin surface, which can decompose the melanocytes under the skin and discharge them out of the body with the metabolic system to achieve the purpose of removing melanin.

In the process of Photorejuvenation, it can stimulate the synthesis of skin collagen, remove wrinkles on the skin, and restore the skin to a tight state. There is swelling in a short time after completion. To do a good job of skin care, it takes about 7 days to alleviate the swelling.