How much does photon rejuvenation cost? What is the principle of photorejuvenation?

Photon rejuvenation generally costs 3000 yuan to 5000 yuan. The specific price is related to the regional scope of treatment and the number of treatment.

If the spot area of your face is relatively large, the state of your skin is not very good, and you need multiple treatments, the price is generally about 5000 yuan. If the spot area of your face is not too large, the state of your skin is relatively good, and the price is about 3000 yuan. The principle of photon rejuvenation is mainly to use the high energy of photons to directly penetrate the surface of the skin and penetrate into the deep skin tissue. By constantly stimulating the proliferation of collagen under the skin, it can repair the damaged cell tissue and block the generation of melanin in the body. After treatment, it can effectively solve various skin problems and make the skin more white, smooth and elastic.

In daily life, we need to do skin care work, replenish enough moisture for the skin, and use the moisturizing and replenishing facial mask to achieve the effect of repairing skin.