How much does laser depilation operation cost once?

The price of IPL laser hair removal is generally 500 ~ 3500 yuan / part, and 10000 ~ 20000 yuan is required for whole-body hair removal.

The cost of laser hair removal is mainly related to the following two aspects

  1. It is related to the depilation position and treatment course: the depilation positions mainly include face, armpit, back, arm, leg, bikini line and other parts. Different depilation parts require different treatment courses, so the price is also different. If the course of treatment is long, the cost is relatively high.
  2. It is related to the equipment used by the hospital and the level of doctors: the better the equipment, the higher the purchase price, and the higher the operation cost. It is safer and more effective to operate by experienced doctors, but they will charge higher prices.
  3. High depilation efficiency. The laser depilation spot is designed as a 9 mm square spot. When depilating large areas of skin, it not only has high efficiency and high speed, but also can eliminate the overlapping dead zone caused by the traditional laser circular spot.
  4. The pigmentation after depilation is very close to our skin.
  5. Hair removal is very thorough. The laser can penetrate into the deep layer of skin tissue and the structure of subcutaneous fat and act on the deep hair follicles in different parts to effectively remove the deep hair in any part.
  6. The pain is small. Most people just feel “bounced by a rubber band”.
  7. It is safe and does not damage the skin. The human skin is a relatively transparent structure. In front of the powerful laser, the skin is like a piece of transparent cellophane, so the laser can pass through the skin to the hair follicle very smoothly. In this process, because the skin does not absorb the laser energy, the skin itself will not be damaged.

Is the effect of laser hair removal lasting?

Whether the effect of laser hair removal is lasting depends on the number of treatments, the interval between treatments, the energy during treatment, the differences of individual organisms and many other aspects. Generally speaking, the more the number of treatments, the more likely it is to achieve a lasting hair removal effect. If the number of treatments is too small, the effect of treatment will be temporary.

Therefore, the lasting depilation effect is relative and can not drill a bull’s horn. Generally speaking, in order to achieve the purpose of lasting hair removal, a course of treatment of 6 times is necessary, and the treatment should be carried out in strict accordance with the interval told by the doctor. The treatment time should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to fail.

Of course, there are individual hair follicles with strong vitality. Although there are still a few hair growth after a course of very strict hair removal treatment, the hair at this time is generally small, similar to bristle, which does not affect the appearance. If it is obvious, another course of treatment should be carried out.

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