Does the ultrasonic knife need to move the “knife”?

There are many ways of anti-aging on the face, and I believe that many fairies have heard the name of the ultrasonic knife. It sounds like a surgical project, does the ultrasonic knife really need to move the “knife”? Although the name of the ultrasonic scalpel contains the word “knife”, it belongs to a non-surgical anti-aging program!

It can focus high-intensity ultrasonic energy on the target area, so as to help us solve the problem of firming the skin and removing wrinkles. Ultrasound scalpel can act on the skin surface, dermis and SMAS fascia.

Ultrasound passes through the epidermis at lower energy, and concentrates high energy into the fascia layer, which stimulates collagen to contract and generate regeneration and reorganization, tightening the skin fascia layer and enhancing elasticity from the bottom of the skin.

Solve the problem: wrinkles such as nasolabial folds have appeared on the face, and the skin has become sagging and sagging.

Maintenance time: There will be a certain immediate effect after treatment. Usually, the collagen will gradually regenerate in about 1-3 months, and the face will return to a better state. The therapeutic effect can generally be maintained for about 1-1.5 years, and maintenance should be paid attention to in daily life, depending on the actual situation of the individual.

Precautions: Be sure to pay attention to hydration and sunscreen when you go out. Try to avoid hot springs, saunas and other high-temperature environments within a week.