Does the injection of gold radiofrequency micro-acupuncture damage the skin?

Many beauty lovers should have heard of a popular project in the medical beauty industry: “Golden RF Micro-Needling” is said to be able to solve various skin problems, but after all, it is an injection-type medical beauty skin that still has wounds, so many beauty seekers will There are concerns that the injection of gold radio frequency micro-needle will damage the skin and the wound will not be repaired well. Today I will popularize the beauty knowledge of gold radio frequency microneedling to everyone.

Gold radio frequency microneedling is the most advanced beauty technology in the world at present. It penetrates deep into the subcutaneous fat fascia and promotes collagen production; at the same time, through micro-needling, it supplies a variety of necessary proliferation factors to the skin, so as to firm and lift the skin and reduce wrinkles. More can achieve the following effects:

  1. Improve skin elasticity, tighten facial contours, remove excess facial fat, smooth lines, and reshape a three-dimensional compact V-face.
  2. Tighten eye bags, remove double chin, lift sagging eye corners, and enhance eyebrow lines.
  3. Eliminate forehead lines, eye lines, nasolabial lines, mouth lines, dilute neck lines, and prevent neck aging.
  4. Improve the skin quality, the skin is delicate, smooth, white and elastic.

What is the damage to the skin when injected with gold radio frequency micro-acupuncture

  1. Gold micro-needle radio frequency is different from the traditional peeling fractional technology, avoiding thermal damage to the epidermis. The needle tip penetrates deep into the dermis to directly emit radio frequency, and the energy reaches the dermis layer, avoiding adverse reactions such as scabbing and pigmentation after treatment.
  2. According to the different parts of the treatment, it usually takes effect after 7 days, and the effect gradually reaches the best after one month to half a year. Three consecutive treatments are recommended. Many skin problems can clearly feel the treatment effect after one course of treatment, but it still depends on the specific situation. The effect of different parts is different, such as wrinkles and skin tightening. , because the tissue shrinks as soon as it is heated, so it has a firming effect at that time. This is only the primary result. The final result is to stimulate the production of collagen fibers under the dermis, which substantially increases the collagen content of the tissue. Tightness is achieved.

Postoperative care of gold radiofrequency microneedling

Immediate care after surgery:

  1. Immediately after the operation, apply a cold compress to the area where the customer is receiving treatment to calm down. You can also apply stem cells and other auxiliary products to promote skin regeneration.
  2. For customers receiving acne treatment, reactive acne and short-term acne breakouts may occur after treatment. The doctor should fully communicate with the customer beforehand, and ask the customer to go to the hospital to help clear and disinfect the acne after the symptoms appear. Alleviate recurrence.

Within 7 days after surgery

  1. Do not apply sunscreen on the day of treatment, and avoid using harsh cleansers or cosmetics when cleaning your face.
  2. Do not touch your face with your hands after treatment, try not to wash your face on the day, if necessary, just tap with water.
  3. From the next day of treatment, you should apply sunscreen products to go out. It is recommended to use SPF10-30 physical sunscreen.
  4. If the skin is red after treatment, it is recommended to continue cold compress to calm the skin after going home.
  5. In order to promote skin regeneration, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing mask more than once a day for 10-15 minutes within a week after treatment, and fully apply a moisturizing cream.
  6. Do not use skin care products containing fruit acid, A acid, salicylic acid, exfoliating, high concentration, vitamin C, alcohol and other irritating ingredients within one week after treatment.
  7. Avoid saunas, go swimming in public swimming pools, soak in high temperature baths or rinse at high temperature within a week after treatment, and do not exercise vigorously.
  8. Have a light diet, regular work and rest, ensure adequate sleep, and prohibit smoking and drinking.
  9. It is forbidden to rub the skin. Rubbing will interrupt the growth of new skin, destroy the epidermis, and cause damage to the skin barrier, resulting in dryness, roughness, redness and other reactions.