Does opt photon rejuvenation hurt? How long will these last after opt photorejuvenation?

Does opt photon rejuvenation hurt?

Photon rejuvenation is generally painless. Even if there is pain, the intensity is not very high and can be tolerated. It depends on everyone’s constitution and the ability to tolerate pain. Photon rejuvenation is to let light irradiate the skin surface, and each layer of the skin absorbs the energy of light to achieve the purpose of treatment. It can effectively improve color spots, enhance collagen, remove spots and wrinkles, shrink pores and make the skin smooth. After photon rejuvenation, you must pay attention to sunscreen to avoid pigmentation caused by direct ultraviolet rays.

Photon rejuvenation, combined with pain, may feel a little, which is a normal phenomenon. Laser fiber rejuvenation is a minimally invasive whitening method. The skin trauma is relatively small, and there may be slight redness, swelling or pain. Generally, the symptoms will gradually improve after two days of recovery. Laser photon rejuvenation uses the pulse energy of laser to act on the skin, which can effectively stimulate the decomposition of local pigment, whiten the skin, stimulate collagen, local proliferation and improve small wrinkles. After laser photon rejuvenation, pay attention to sunscreen, avoid spicy food and accelerate recovery.

How long will these last after opt photorejuvenation?

; ; ; Nowadays, many beauty lovers are very upset because of their skin. They want to do photorejuvenation surgery to change the current situation. Does photorejuvenation surgery hurt.

1、 Does photon rejuvenation surgery hurt

It won’t be very painful to do Photorejuvenation, because the operation will be anesthetized. In the process of Photorejuvenation, some people may have special physique, or the amount of anesthetic given by the doctor is insufficient, and they will feel very painful.

2、 How long does photorejuvenation last

One photon operation can maintain the therapeutic effect for about 2 to 3 years. Photon rejuvenation surgery is a medical beauty method that can play a role in beauty and skin care. It can reduce various pigment spots and enhance skin elasticity.

3、 How much is photorejuvenation

Generally, the cost of photon rejuvenation surgery is about 3000-6000 yuan. The price will also be affected according to the parts that everyone needs to change or the consumption level of each place.

4、 How long can photon rejuvenation surgery recover

After photon rejuvenation surgery, it can recover in about 15-20 days. Care must be done after surgery, which can effectively shorten the recovery time.