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Is laser depilation painful?


There are a large number of sensory nerves around each hair follicle. If the ipl laser hair removal side effects receives enough laser energy, the body will feel a certain degree of pain. Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose…

How much is laser depilation beauty?


Now there are many laser hair removal technologies, and many hospitals can do laser hair removal, so it will affect the specific price of laser hair removal. The price of laser hair removal is mainly affected by the following factors:…

Does lip laser depilation affect lips?

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Does lip laser depilation affect lips? A person’s impression is very important, and some women will not be clean enough because they have lip hair. This makes many beauty lovers very upset. At this time, laser lip hair removal is…

IPL skin beautifying operation principle?

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Therapeutic principle Clean the skin. apply cold gel. Set intensity parameters. apply moisturizing facial mask. IPL Beauty benefits: Quick effect, high curative effect and safe treatment. It can simultaneously treat color spots, acne, acne marks, dark complexion, rough skin, large…

What is IPL depilation?

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IPL axillary hair removal is a professional saying, which is what we usually call photon hair removal and composite color light hair removal. Therefore, the three hair removal technologies we often hear are actually one, but the professional saying is…